PPE Protective
Face Shields

Thomas Dudley Ltd normally makes plumbing products in our factory based in Dudley, West Midlands.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have rapidly set up to make these protective face shields because we know they are needed urgently.

We are a local family-owned business trying to help in a difficult time and we are selling on a not for profit basis.



Protective face shields, made from  0.5mm thick polycarbonate with Polypropylene head band and flexible silicon strap which allows the fit to be adjusted.

Available Sizes

ONE SIZE – Size ( 240 x 240 x 0.5mm mm )


Per Pack: 1 / Per box: 50


Rigid head band: Polypropylene

Flexible strap: Silicon, 100% latex free

Clear visor: Polycarbonate/PET

Colours Available:


Instructions for use:

The following helpful video provides a good overview of the correct use of PPE face shields. Available for view on BMJ Learning youtube channel.

Remove protective film from BOTH sides

  1. For hygiene, we have left the protective film on the face shield
  2. There are TWO of these, one on each side
  3. One is opaque and the other is clear
  4. Remove BOTH

Fix adjustment

  1. Use the coarse & fine strap adjustment
  2. One end of the strap has 3 holes – the spaces between them are LARGE
  3. The other end has 2 holes – the space between them is SMALL
  4. This will give 6 different strap sizes
Additional Information
  • Storage: Always store in clean, dry conditions and contain within the polybag/box provided. Do not store in places subject to direct, strong sunlight or in contact with solvents.
  • Damage: This product should be carefully inspected before use and discarded if damaged in any way whatsoever.
  • Chemicals: Certain chemicals may have a detrimental effect on contact with this product. If in doubt please check with your supplier.
  • Material Declaration: No parts of the headband which are in contact with the wearer are made from materials known to cause skin irritation.
  • Cleaning: Clean with warm soapy water.

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Email:  visor@thomasdudley.co.uk


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Do you have any suggestions to improve our product?

  • We designed, manufactured and assembled this product quickly, and it’s not what we normally make.
  • If you have any suggestions call/message on 0121 557 5411

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